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Swarm Intelligence Theory

Exploring Swarm Intelligence: How Simple Robots Can Achieve Complex Tasks

Two robot wasps


Swarm intelligence is a field of study that aims to understand the behavior of large groups of simple agents that work together to accomplish complex tasks. These agents, or "swarm members," are able to interact with each other and with their environment in simple ways, but through their interactions, they are able to accomplish tasks that would be impossible for an individual agent.

Swarm Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom

One example of swarm intelligence in the animal kingdom is the behavior of a flock of birds. Each bird in the flock is able to make simple decisions based on the position and velocity of the birds around it. Through these interactions, the flock is able to move in coordinated ways, such as changing direction or avoiding obstacles, without any one bird having a complete picture of the flock's behavior.

Applying Swarm Intelligence to the Robocup Project

The Robocup project is a competition in which teams of autonomous robots play a soccer match indoors on a small pitch. The goal of the project is to develop robots that can work together as a team to accomplish the task of playing soccer. To achieve this goal, the robots must be able to interact with each other and with the ball in simple ways, just like the birds in a flock.

Swarm Algorithms

In my project, I explored the concept of swarm intelligence theoretically and analyzed how it could be applied to the Robocup project. I studied different algorithms that have been developed to enable groups of agents to work together, such as consensus algorithms, flocking algorithms, and swarm optimization algorithms. I also looked at the challenges that need to be overcome in order to apply swarm intelligence to the Robocup project, such as dealing with limited communication, uncertainty, and fault-tolerance.


Overall, the Robocup project is an exciting application of swarm intelligence, and it is fascinating to see how simple interactions between robots can lead to complex and coordinated behavior. The field of swarm intelligence is still in its early stages, and there is much more to be discovered about how groups of agents can work together to accomplish tasks.

Deliverable - Research Report

As a result of my initial research, I created a document containing information, references and code examples for all major popular swarm intelligence algorithms. You can download it here.