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Smart Documentation System

General Information

This project was completed for Delta Technics, a company in Heist-op-den-Berg that is responsible for cabling, datacom and building intelligence. Their problem, at the surface, was rather simple. One of the main focus points of the company was building, maintaining and updating patch cabinets for their clients. Over time and after many interventions, the information about the content and wiring of each cabinet, became very difficult to maintain.

We were challenged with the task to come up with an elegant solution that would allow technicians to easily retrieve the latest, up-to-date information while also ensuring that any new information would be processed and fed to the system.

Project setup

To tackle this problem, I teamed up with fellow student Jonas Claes, who proposed to use the Laravel PHP framework. This gave me an excellent opportunity to learn about PHP and working with a framework and official documentation. Since we needed to store a lot of valuable information, we decided to pair it up with a MySQL database. For the frontend, we implemented the CSS framework Tailwind. Having discovered it recently ourselves, it had great prospect of giving us flexible freedom in creating a very smooth and elegant styling.


One of the most challenging pages was the recreation of the Github User Rights page where we could set and update rights for any user in a very easy and quick way. The entire page was rendered using a simple for loop and some clever use of the Laravel framework.

Clockify Summary

Hours clocked: 167.38 hours

Project Span: September - December 2021