Trained Skills for this project


Digital Reading Coach

Project Overview

My first project for Digital Innovation was a collaboration with another department of Thomas More. The department of Education had been working on a school project to improve children and teacher in the field of comprehensive reading. They started organizing workshops for schools while logging all the knowledge and pedagogical activities in files on their harddrives. The next step for this ambitious project was to share this knowledge and provide access to these materials for the broader audience. This is were I came into play. Click on the image on the right to see the website

WordPress Kadence

The intention from the start was to create a website that would look stunning and could easily be maintained by people without a background in IT. We decided to go with the Kadence Wordpress theme for its versatility and good customer support. It also provided a one-time lifetime support bundle, which ensures the longevity of the website.  The main focus of the website was the Quickscan and the dynamic database with easy filtering.


The biggest challenge for this project was inserting the custom code snippets for the Chart.js visualisation as well as the custom PDF download functionality. This custom functionality was much needed and buying plugins would imply the use budget that could be used elsewhere (especially because the functionality was only for a very specific use). I solved it using the chart.js library to make a dynamic polarchart that updates live when the values of the questionnaire are updated.

The website is now up and running and is being used by many people in the field. The contents of the database will be regularly updated as many students will contribute to it in the future.