Project Overview

On this page you can find all the important projects that I've worked on during my 3 year bachelor education at the IT Factory in Thomas More Geel Belgium.

Using ChatGPT to streamline my portfolio writing process.

An NLP language model trained to interact in a conversational way.

Midjourney Image Generator

An AI model trained to generate images based on textual prompts.

WAKOSTA Budget Application.

A shutdown project on the idea of digital piggybanks.

On hold
Swarm Intelligence.

How will robots and machines communicate and divide tasks among them in the future?

Data Analysis for Chicken Testfarm.

A powerBI dashboard with data warehouse and SSIS pipeline for generating data reports on chicken growth.

Mobilab Sense2Exion

A Fullstack Flask application with Neo4J database for filtering exoskeletons.

GPU Cluster

A Flatcar Linux Kubernetes cluster with GPU power.

Digitale Leescoach

A website made for Thomas More to help schools develop better reading strategies.

Smart Documentation System

A user management platform for maintaining up-to-date documentation.

Terms of Service Summarization

An NLP approach to summarizing legal documents to a list of bullet points.

Race to the Future

An AI autonomous driving car Competetion at Corda Campus Hasselt.

Leflab Concrete Printer

In collaboration with three other disciplines, we orchestrated a successful migration of the Kamp C Cobod conrete printer to Thomas More.

We helped create custom slicer software and data visualisation.

Advent Of Code

A fantastic puzzle coding contest to enhance your problem solving skills.

I promised myself that I would achieve all 400 stars by the end of 2023 and document them on this website. Stay tuned.

In Progress