My internship


Resillion is a global leader in managed testing services, offering quality engineering from initiation to launch. They empower businesses to embrace the digital world, delivering success through seamless integration, technical security, and industry compliance. Trusted by leading organizations worldwide, Resillion is your strategic partner for bringing your devices, software, and media content to market, ensuring quality outcomes.

Assignment - Project

During my internship at Resillion, I was assigned a challenging and intriguing project: to create a connection between the functional testing performed by the Software Quality Services (SQS) department and the security testing executed by the team based in the Netherlands. This project aimed to improve efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging existing resources and processes in a novel way.

The underlying idea was to use the existing test suite, which was maintained in Azure DevOps repositories, and align it with the security testing procedures. By doing so, we could capitalize on the indirect spidering achieved through the functional tests as an opportunity to simultaneously scrutinize the application for any security vulnerabilities.


Here you can find all the documents that were created during my internship. They will give you an insight on the entire scope of the project and how it tackles the challenge provided by my mentors.

Project Scope: Project scope for the internship

Project Approach: Approach to a valid solution

Project Architecture Drawing to illustrate the solution

Realisation: In-depth report on my solution

Reflection: Reflection on the entire internship

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